Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Do you ever feel unable to see God? Do you feel an absence of the joy he promises? Do you wonder: What is the meaning of life? Of my life? Where am I being led? What is missing? How do I hold and make sense of things that happen to me? Is this the life I want? What is holding me captive, stuck? What are my deepest desires? What does all this say about me? About the world? About God? Where is my story going?

Humans were created with the innate ability to see, hear, and follow God’s call. God shows up to be seen to all those he loves – and that most certainly includes YOU! Often times, humans are too distracted, hurried, grieving, or trapped by unhealthy behaviors or beliefs to really see God. But this does not mean he isn’t there, waiting, acting, trying to be seen, and beckoning you: come closer.

Spiritual direction is a sacred space in which we sift through the distractions to find answers to the questions above. In doing so, we look for God’s action in your life. It is there! Can you see it?

Should you seek spiritual direction?

You’re worth it. Society tells us we are mere cogs in the machine; we have no real, lasting value. We were born to work, be productive, fit in, and shove down the uncomfortable human experiences that would get in a way. These are lies.

You are unique. Your story is unique. God’s action in your life is unique. God’s message to you is unique to you, and changes according to where you are in your relationship and on your path. It is ALWAYS grounded in love. You are God’s beloved son or daughter. God seeks the goodness and fullness of your life. Humans often don’t believe they are worth it. You are.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

How closely are you listening for these plans? Consider this your invitation to come closer.

What a session will look like

It’s a bit of a misnomer to call your spiritual director the “director.” Our sessions won’t be me “telling you about God.” Rather, together, we will probe the types of questions listed above to look for God’s leading. God is the director.

In that sense, even though there are just two of us, I like to imagine a third chair. That’s where God joins us.

How does God direct? We listen for God’s voice in prayer, in your feelings, and in the events of your life. Do you feel a sense of grief? We will follow it. Is there a particular question or event that is on your mind? Let’s follow it. God shows up in what stirs our hearts.

I’m currently only seeing clients virtually. I will move to in-person meetings when it is safe to do so. Sessions are one hour long. I typically see clients once per month, although it is sometimes helpful to meet more frequently at the beginning of our time together or in times of particular need.

Spiritual direction with me

I am a Catholic theologian and spiritual director. My Ph.D in systematic theology comes from Catholic University, Master of Divinity from Boston University, and my certificate in spiritual direction and faith formation comes from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

I see clients who are Catholic as well as any other types of Christian. As an ecumenist, I believe we are all the body of Christ. I also see people who are questioning/seeking/unsure of their faith beliefs. My job is not to try and convert you, but to help you see God action in your life. My Christianity does, naturally, serve as the lens through which I work.

I always offer the first session for free. There is no obligation to continue if you don’t feel called.

After the first session, I charge $100 per session. I never want cost to prohibit someone from being in spiritual direction, so if this figure would prohibit you from working with me, I offer a sliding scale and will work with you to come up with an amount that feels comfortable.

I look forward to witnessing God’s action in your life!


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Spiritual Directors International

The SDI website has access to thousands of spiritual directors. Whether or not you select me as your director, I pray you follow God’s call to this sacred practice. You can browse thousands of available directors, including me, at SDI’s website.

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