About Me

My Mission

I believe we each hold a piece of the puzzle. I wish to create ways for us to come together and share our respective pieces. Follow my blog if you, too, are a unity hopeful.

I believe God shows up to each of us in beautifully varied ways. This accounts for so much of the difference in the world, and we are foolishly hostile to that diversity. Beauty happens when we find the ways to fit our unique pieces together. That’s how puzzles work. God is the master puzzle maker, and he lovingly yearns for us to realize the beauty of the design of the puzzle that is our reality, if only we would work together and see the value in one another, as is our original intention.

I feel that God’s unique calling in my life (my own piece of the puzzle) is a glimpse of that finished work. A passion for that promised, intended unity. A recognition that Heaven needs each and every one of us, lest there be a hole where YOU are missing.

These beliefs are the foundation of my work as a theologian, spiritual director, and sacred musician.

I love working one-on-one with people in spiritual direction to help them discern the shape of their unique piece of the puzzle.

I love working with groups of both adults and children in education and faith formation opportunities to help them discern the same, and to discern how theirs might fit together as a group.

I love writing, studying, and teaching theology as a Catholic theologian and ecumenist, as the story of the Church is the story of God’s pursuing the hearts of we whom he loves across the ages, and the story of our struggle to hold it. It’s the greatest love story ever told.

Please view my curriculum vitae for a detailed survey of my professional qualifications and experiences.

My Music

In addition to my work as an ecumenist, Catholic theologian, spiritual director, and public speaker, my desire for unity finds expression in music. Few things are as capable of uniting humans together in a way that isn’t contrived as musical ensembles. For this reason, I am a choral director, vocalist, and composer.

Please check out my YouTube channel for some of the praise music my husband and I do.

I direct the Regis College Alumni Chorus on concert tours and two annual concerts.

My husband and I can be found worshipping through song for weekly services at Wilmington United Methodist Church’s YouTube channel.

Also find both of us singing  with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. 

To browse my compositions, visit my J.W. Pepper catalogue here.

My Writing

I have something to say. Look for it here:

My book, Cruciform Ecumenism, is available on Amazon or on Rowman & Littlefield’s website.

Several of my articles can be found in Ecumenical Trends.

For shorter and more frequent works, follow my blog on this website.


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